Pic: Mikko Pekkarinen

I’m a 27-year old girl from Finland. I’m enthusiastic about living a healthy life while reaching for my competitive goals in CrossFit. I want to share my thoughts and knowledge about health and sports to others. I believe that the body and mind play strongly together and therefor should there be a good balance between those two.

I am a certified Sports Instructor (Bachelor, AMK).

CrossFit achievements

4/50 Karjalan Kovin 2017

12/32 Winter War 2017

11/50 Karjalan Kovin 2016

6/50 Sawotta 2016

8/60 Karjalan Kovin 2014

26/40 Winter War 2013

23/50 Karjalan Kovin 2012

Weightlifting achievements (<75kg category)

4th Finnish Championships 2017

4th Finnish Championships 2016